Testosterone Therapy Risks and Health Benefits of Nugenix

nugenix benefitsThe promise of a testosterone therapy is very enticing. It helps boost your libido, improve energy levels, sharpens memory and concentration and increase muscle mass. For older folk, testosterone therapy can be a great anti-aging formula. This is the reason why lots of men take testosterone supplements such as Nugenix testosterone booster. Before you try using it, you must know the risks and health benefits of Nugenix and other testosterone therapies.

How Testosterone Helps Men

The testicles produce the testosterone hormone. It helps maintain the bone density, fat distribution, sex drive, red blood cell production, muscle mass and strength and sperm production.

When the body is unable to produce normal levels of testosterone, testosterone therapy can improve the symptoms of low testosterone in men. There are many forms of testosterone therapies such as gels, pills, patches and injections. It is necessary to consult a doctor to get a prescription or recommendation.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels

Changes in sleep pattern – Insomnia and other sleep disturbances are a result of low testosterone.

Changes in sexual function – Low testosterone level can reduce sexual desire, erectile problems and infertility.

Emotional changes – Low self-confidence and decrease motivation. This may lead to sadness, depression and concentration problem.

Physical changes – Low levels of testosterone in the body causes physical changes such as reduced muscle strength and bulk, increased body fat and decrease bone density. It is also possible to have hair loss and tender or swollen breasts. Energy level also decreases.

Benefits of testosterone therapy and Nugenix

Taking a form of testosterone therapy such as taking Nugenix testosterone booster helps minimize or eliminate the symptoms of low testosterone levels. Testosterone therapies are beneficial for all men especially the old ones.

Men who take testosterone therapies feel young and energetic as they age. Several studies revealed that taking testosterone boosters helps a man be a man. Those who take testosterone boosters do not only fix the symptoms of low testosterone levels but also improved in various ways.




Risks of taking Testosterone Therapies

Sleep apnea – It can potentially cause sleep apnea, which breathing stops and starts.

Polycythemia – The body makes too many red blood cells, increasing the risks of heart disease.

Cell growth – It stimulates a non-cancerous growth of the prostate. It can even stimulate existing prostate cancer to grow.

Other risks – Testosterone therapies can cause acne, breasts enlargement, testicle shrinkage and limit sperm production.

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When to take Nugenix

If you consider taking Nugenix or other testosterone therapies, then you must talk with a doctor. He can explain the health benefits of Nugenix, as well as the risks. A doctor can also diagnose whether a medical condition is causing the decline in testosterone level and can recommend taking supplemental testosterone.

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